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Cheap Flights to Accra, Ghana

Air travel pricing within Africa is affected by a myriad of factors and airfares to Accra in Ghana often come at a premium. The cost of a trip can often be cut in half by using an approach airport and buying two tickets instead of one.

When planning to travel from destinations in North America and Western Europe to Accra; appreciable amounts of money can be saved by dividing your trip into two or three flights. Book one flight ticket to Europe and a second flight ticket from Europe to Accra or to any other country in West Africa then a third flight ticket from there to Accra if your departure point is in North America. Book one flight from Europe to any other country in West Africa and a second flight ticket from there to Accra if your departure airport is in Europe.  Lome, Abidjan, Ouagadougou, Cotonou, Dakar, Libreville, Conakry,Bamako, Niamey and Douala will often work as intermediate airports between Europe departures and Accra. Otherwise, if you learn of alternate airports that have high levels of tourist traffic from the final destination, check the total cost of a ticket to that airport and a second ticket from the alternate airport to the final destination. That brief effort could save you a lot of money.

If your departure city to Accra is in the USA it can be easier getting a cheap flight airfare from New York’s and Washington DC’s airports to Accra directly or through intermediate airports in Europe and Africa. If you are in Europe it is likely getting a cheap flight airfare using airports in the UK, France, Holland, Germany and Italy as a  departure or intermediate points to Accra and other Western African cities. If you are in other parts of Africa outside West Africa, You are likely to find a cheap flight from Morocco, Ethiopia, Kenya and Egypt to Accra. 

If you are in another country in West Africa, you may find it interesting traveling not only by air but also by road from there to Ghana if the journey is not more than 600 miles. It is also cheaper doing so. Traveling by road from Lome (Togo) to Accra takes just 4 hours and it is 120 miles, from Abidjan takes about 10 to 12 hours to Accra, from Ouagadougou takes about 17 hours to Accra.  You are to obtain in addition to your Ghana visa entry visas for each country you will be entering by road or landing by air on your way to Ghana.

Using any Internet booking engine; input the itinerary from origin to destination and examine the flight list. If the prices are higher than you want to pay, make note of connecting airports shown in the flight results. Check the prices for origin to connecting airport and then shop the connecting to destination airport. The total price of those two tickets will often be less than the price of one ticket and sometimes just half.

The foregoing uses the same booking engine throughout.

You might learn that one public or private airfare shopping engine has a specially low price to an intermediate airport and a different engine is showing a cheap fare from the intermediate to your final destination. You might come to know that a particular intermediate airport always has good prices or better flights to a certain region or country and shop that one even when it is not shown as a connecting airport in the initial flight search results. An outside in helper could come from scanning special airfare lists to spot a potential approach airport.

Africa has a wide variance of trade agreements between African countries and with countries on other continents. There are relatively fewer airline consolidators and air ticket brokers holding contracts. This forms a caveat and an opportunity at the same time. The not so good trade agreements will result in higher fares comprised of taxes and fees the airlines must pay and of taxes and fees that passengers must pay all piled above the operating costs of the airline. The opportunity is taken by shopping different airports in different countries and subdividing your trip into two or more shorter flights so that the total cost of several tickets will be appreciably less than one ticket for the entire trip. That same reduction of cost can be obtained by using the multiple city function of an Internet booking engine. That allows you to input those connecting flight segments between airports that yield the lowest cost overall and put them all (or most) on one ticket.

The prime rule of travel shopping online or offline is to check at least three resources before booking. No single source will ever have the best product at the best price all of the time.

The second rule is acknowledging the volatile nature of travel pricing and availability. Airfares and rates will vary with numerous factors, fluctuate often, and expire rapidly. Travel products are finite. Airlines cannot manufacture one more seat, hotels cannot build one more room, and rental companies cannot make one more car to meet your need. When you see an available product or service at a price you are content to pay, it seems wise to secure it before someone else does.

The third rule is acknowledging the complex nature of travel products and services. Travel products and services are offered in commercial and regulatory environments which require contracts, terms, rules, procedures, and restrictions. A little time devoted toward becoming familiar with product and service specifications is time well spent. You will better understand what you are buying and be better prepared for any of those "what if" situations that might arise.

The fourth rule is patience. At any moment more than 700 scheduled air carriers worldwide are offering such an array of flights and code shares and class assignments and specials that many millions of different airfares are available on a given date. Add to that the privately held airfares that are negotiated or prepaid by nearly 4000 companies worldwide. Each company operates their own database of itineraries and airfares. The aggregate total of privately held airfares dwarfs the numbers published by airlines. Public and private airfare totals are overwhelming. Hundreds of databases hold that entire inventory and no single access point online or offline will ever be feasible. What you pay for your seat is a product of the care and strategy and time you spend upon shopping.

The fifth rule is timing. Since allotments to consolidators might be as few as four seats on a given date for a given flight and since discounted ticket prices are always limited in number, the early shopper will find them and the later shopper will not know that the lower prices ever existed.

Consolidators will often sell out their inventory during the first few weeks of a new contract. Discounted seats will often be sold off during the first hours or days after being posted. Shopping in the wee hours of the morning will often put you first in line for that days discounts and shopping during the first few days of a newly active consolidator contract period will often enable you to buy airline tickets at prices other shoppers will never see. For example, people who shop in January for flights that depart during the first six to nine months of each year will often pay low prices that later shoppers will never see.
All airlines offer some levels of discounts and cheap flights to Accra during low travel seasons. Some airlines offer special discount airfares to students year round. The following web links are a list of flight seat search engines and airlines regularly serving passengers to and from Ghana. You can use the booking search engine or directly contact the airlines about the availability of flight seats to your final destination which is Accra, Ghana, Africa. You can also search for flights to other cities in Europe and Africa where intermediate airports to your final destination are located.

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