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Traditional African Drumming and Dancing in Ghana

Africa is probably the source of nearly all rhythms played today in the world. The drum beat of Africa is heard every day for communication, celebration and fun all over the world.

Our African Drumming and Dancing Program is designed for groups of friends who want to participate in our volunteer programs in Ghana, be entertained and also have lessons in traditional African drumming and dances.

Participants will be entertained and trained by our highly experienced artist who has performed traditional African drumming and dances in many musical and dances concerts in Africa and Europe. They perform at festivals, concerts, private events, for corporate occasions or any other occasion in Ghana and Europe and North America.

Their concerts feature traditional music and dance from the Western African countries. The performances are to entertain as well as to educate including HIV/AID education. The Performances include high energy music and dance and traditional theatre. The colorful dance and rhythm of our group depicts the hidden world of African heritage through rhythms, songs, symbols and gestures.

The Drumming and Dances Program participants should come from the same country and arrive in Ghana on the same date. The group should be made up of at least 7 persons in number.

Three hours a day and five days a week will be used for entertaining and training of the participants throughout their period in Ghana. The trainings, lessons and the entertainments are free of charge.

Interested groups should contact Volunteer in Africa. Contact information can be found on the Volunteer in Ghana page.


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