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We are a high quality on-the-ground facilitator and operator of responsible volunteer projects in Ghana which all contribute towards sustainable goals. Providing you a responsible and affordable alternative to mass tourism in Ghana without compromising its quality has been the hallmark of our organization since its inception in the year 1998, offering travelers from all over the world the opportunity to volunteer in meaningful projects in Ghana.

Participating in our overseas volunteer programs in Ghana will offer you the opportunity in helping others and making the world a better place to live. It will make your CV shine as well as offering you the opportunity in acquiring a valuable work experience in an African country and putting into use your creative skills. You will also have a cultural exchange, cross-cultural exposure, cultural immersion, make new friends, learn the local language, cooking the local food, learn about the rich Ghanaian culture and experience her unique hospitality.

Your safety and well-being are paramount, and we work hard to ensure you have a rewarding and safe experience in Ghana. We look forward to warmly welcoming you to our programs in Ghana and will be honored by your participation. The following is a list of our programs in Ghana:

Study Tour Group Projects and Community Service

The Study Tour Group Project and Community Service is seeking sponsorship and groups of students from your university/college to study in Ghana for short term periods and combine it with community service. Each of the student groups will be led by faculty members who will accompany the students and oversee the instructional program.

The programs are a great way to make a lasting impact on the local community and help foster international goodwill. Not only will you have an opportunity to positively change the lives of others in the host country, but you will also work side-by-side with participants who share your passion for volunteering and helping others. All projects include culturally-engaging activities and all the necessary materials to make a life-challenging experience.

The program provides students the opportunity to participate in an experience exploring social, political, and cultural dynamics of a community. Through learning and practice, students explore the theory of integrating service, education, and reflection to create meaningful change in communities. The program is a particular form of experiential education and a teaching method which combines community service with academic instruction as it focuses on critical, reflective thinking and civic responsibilities.

The programs involved students in organized community service that addresses local needs, while developing their academic skills, sense of civic responsibility and commitment to the community. The courses could be competency-based and credit bearing. The service could be related to a particular academic major or field of study.

Global E-Learning Project

The Global E-Learning Project seeks sponsorship and documentary film experts, professional teachers, faculty members and students of all level of academic education to volunteer in this project. Groups of primary school pupils and high school students and their teachers in classroom settings and groups of university students and their faculty in lecture hall settings will be featured in the documentary films.

The project is designed to meet the educational needs of the illiterate and semi-literate also to enhance the academic performance of people of all educational levels, ages and races all over the world by providing them a completely free academic education through the use of the computer and internet. Documentary films covering all the academic subjects in the primary, secondary and the third cycle level (university) will be made and uploaded on our web site so that people all over the world wishing to study could visit our web site and navigate into their area of academic interest and study by watching specific documentary academic educational films of their interest. We encourage faculty members and groups of students to participate in the implementation of the project.

Orphanage Volunteer Work Program (social/educational)

The Orphanage Volunteer program seeks sponsorship and individuals or groups of volunteers to assist in caring for orphans and abandoned children and also providing them education. Caring work includes, assisting in cooking for the children, bathing them and showing them love. Volunteers can also assist in teaching English language and other subjects and extra curriculum activities at the orphanages and the schools pertaining to them and being run by them.

A local teacher will guide volunteers during the first week of classes at the orphanage in regard to lesson plans, schedules and teaching curriculum. If the volunteer or volunteer-intern is ready at the beginning of the second week, he or she may begin teaching independently. We encourage you to form a group of 10-50 or more persons to participate in the program.

Teaching Volunteer Work Program (Education)

The Teaching Volunteer Work Program seeks sponsorship and individuals or groups of volunteers to assist in teaching English language, mathematics and other subjects or extra curriculum activities at nursery, primary and junior secondary schools in deprived, low income, disadvantage and underprivileged communities in order to promoting education and reduce illiteracy and then subsequently contribute to eliminating the cycle of poverty in the future.

A local teacher in the school will guide volunteers and interns. They will shadow the local teacher to become familiar with the school, the children, and the teaching curriculum during the first week of classes. If the volunteer or intern is ready at the beginning of the second week, he or she may begin teaching independently.

The Orphanage Volunteer program asks volunteers to support the weakest and most vulnerable - orphans and children left without parental care.

Such babies evoke the greatest sympathy from society since they are the most defenseless of its representatives - without a father and mother, a home, loving loved ones, they are forced to be deprived of a normal childhood and possibly a prosperous future. After all, these children do not have access to a gradual integration into society under the guidance of older family members.

Such teachers have to correct the flaws of African education. They give positive emotions, smiles, and a good mood. First of all, it is important for every volunteer striving to help children in orphanages to have a primary idea of what awaits them within the orphanage walls. After all, orphans are strikingly different from "family" children, not only in terms of behavior. This, as a rule, is a serious lag in intellectual, emotional, and mental development, as well as a lack of trust in the world and lack of confidence in one's abilities.

Therefore, volunteers will be asked to improve the orphans' basic writing skill. Hopefully, one day, they will be able to help students by working at the "write my essay" service.

Medical and Nursing Student Volunteer Work Program (Health Care)

The Medical and Nursing Student Volunteer program seeks sponsorship and individuals or groups of medical, nursing and medical-assistant student volunteers to assist local medical doctors and nurses and other health care professionals in their health care delivery work at hospitals/clinics. They work under the supervision of the local professionals. Volunteers who are professional medical doctors and nurses are also welcome.

You will be involved in the day-to-day running of the hospital, observing or directly assisting doctors and nurses. You might find yourself, for example, working with a doctor on his rounds in the hospital. You can help out in simple but practical ways, vastly increasing your own knowledge and understanding of medical practice. This will also enable you gain insight into the contextual constructs of health and healing in a rural foreign setting where modern healthcare equipments are scarce. We encourage you to form a group of 10-50 or more persons to participate in the program.

Health Education Outreach Voluntary Work Project

The Health Education Outreach program seeks sponsorship and health care volunteers. Health care students will reach out to schools and community groups and educate them about causes of common diseases, their mode of transmission and methods of prevention of bacterial, fungal, viral, parasites and protozoa related diseases.

Topics that will be covered include typhoid, malaria, intestinal worms, common cold, tuberculosis, influenza, pneumonia, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, candida, viral hepatitis, herpes simplex, HIV/AIDS etc. We encourage you to form a group of 10-50 or more persons to participate in the implementation of the project.

Moringa Promotion Project

The Moringa Promotion Project seeks sponsorship and group of volunteers for the promotion the moringa tree by creating awareness through public education about the miraculous health and nutritional properties and benefits of the moringa tree to humans and also to livestock, poultry, fish, pigs and rabbits which humans depend on for food. The moringa leave abounds with all the vitamins, minerals and proteins needed for the growth, maintenance and the proper development of the human body and that of animals as well.

The moringa tree could play a vital role in eliminating hunger, malnutrition and poverty in sub-Sahara Africa and contribute immensely to a global environmental preservation. Other activities which will be involved in the promotion program is the planting of moringa trees and the distribution of moringa seeds to school children, community members and farmers. We encourage you to form a group of 10-50 or more persons to participate in the implementation of the project.

Community Complex Construction Volunteer Work Project

The Community Complex Construction project seeks sponsorship and groups of volunteers for the construction of a community complex comprising of a foster home, school, clinic, library, internet cafe, recreational center, water bore holes, overhead water tanks, solar and wind powered electricity generating facilities, vegetable gardens and volunteer housing in a deprived rural community.

The facilities in the community will serve and benefit not only the people of the host community but also people from other surrounding village communities. Volunteers will assist in manufacturing cement blocks, brick laying, plastering, digging, carpentry, painting, steel bending mortar mixing and work side-by-side with local experts and workers to construct the project. We encourage you to form a group of 10-50 or more persons to participate in the implementation of the project.

Self Sustainability Volunteer Work Program

The Self Sustainability project seeks sponsorship and group of volunteers to set up vegetable gardens and farms or maintain already existing ones for orphanages and foster homes. This is to enable the institutional children homes to be self sustaining without necessarily having to depend fully on donations, gifts, sponsorships and grants in the future. We encourage you to form a group of 10-50 or more persons to participate in the program.

Information Technology Volunteering Project

The Information Technology program seeks sponsorship and individuals or groups of volunteers in teaching information technology to organizations, institutions or students. Volunteers should be comfortable teaching or developing students and have knowledge of at least one or more of the following applications. MS Office Suite, Dream Weaver, Joomla, Flash, Photo shop, SQL,MS Office products, Networking, Internet navigation, Graphic Designing, Database Manager, Website developing, MS Certified Engineer Software Developer etc.

With your extensive skills and knowledge in computing and experience of the Western technology, you will be able to bring unique skills and a fresh perspective to organizations, institutions or students. Information Technology education forms the most fundamental faculty one should have even before seeking for a job. Information Technology skills are becoming more important in employment in developing countries.

Grant Writing Volunteering Project

The Grant writing program seeks sponsorship and volunteer experts and specialists to prepare grant proposals for submission to funding sources. Charitable organizations cannot fulfill their benevolent and humanitarian obligations without the availability of funds and consistent support of funding from funding sources. Volunteers in this field of endeavor will write grant proposals for our partner organizations and other organizations and submit it to funding sources locally and abroad.

Volunteers are to be proactive and pragmatic and possess the ability to organize administrative projects, demonstrate clear and effective written and verbal communication skills, ability to meet deadlines and maintain a flexible schedule, strong diplomatic skills in dealing with people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds, awareness and sensitivity to a variety of cultural perspectives is required.

Christian Religion Voluntary Work Program

The Christian Religion Program seeks sponsorship and individual or groups of volunteers from any Christian denomination to serve as singers, musical instrumentalists, prayer warriors, announcement presenters, praises and worship leaders and as part of hospital prayer visitation group. Volunteers who are Christian pastors and ministers from reputable churches worldwide will assist in church work as pastors, prophets, deliverance ministers, preachers and counselors at churches in Ghana and work alongside local Christian ministers. Non-Christians who are willing to learn about the Christian faith are welcome to join this program.

This program is design to enable both Christians and non-Christians to experience Christianity today and Christian ministry in a new country (Ghana) and in a new cultural environment. The activity will occur 3 working days a week therefore participants can spend the other working days in participating in any one or more of the other volunteer work programs we offer. We encourage you to form a group of 10-50 or more persons to participate in the program.

Mass Media and Journalism Voluntary Work Program

Individuals or groups will volunteer with newspapers and magazines publications, photography, film production or media-based awareness projects. Activities include language editing and journalism. Volunteers will do general offices work and also field work by working side-by-side with journalists in their daily rounds in town for information.

Law and Legal Volunteering Program

Groups of volunteers will volunteer with legal professionals, practitioners and legal Chambers. This placement is for law students. Work involves general office work at legal chambers and observing work activities at law courts.

Sports and Fitness Volunteering Program

Individuals or groups of volunteers will assist in training in soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball, swimming and a variety of other sports to local talents at schools and communities.

Program Schedules, Requirements and Provisions

Volunteers can participate in most of the programs anytime of year and can also choose their start dates and end dates of participation. Volunteers work alongside local professionals. Intern-student-volunteers observe and assist the local professionals and serve under the supervision of the professionals. People without special skills, professional qualifications or previous experience also volunteer in some of our programs in Ghana.

People with the initiative, drive and compassion to help the under-privileged in overcoming their challenges and their struggle for dignity and experience foreign cultures are welcome to participate in the programs. Volunteers should have strong work ethic, ability to work independently or as part of a team, and willingness to follow direction; and good interpersonal skills, flexibility, and a sense of humor. In exchange, you will gain a valuable insight into Ghana's culture and will have the opportunity to improve your skills in a variety ways. Your educational level should be at least at the high/secondary school level and should be able to speak English.

The number of daily working hours and weekly working days of the volunteers is flexible. Volunteers work 2 to 8 hours a day, depending on the number of hours they would like to work in a day. Volunteers work 3 to 7 days a week, depending the number of days they would like to work in a week. Participants can stay for up to a period of 12 months.

Housing for individuals and groups of less than 10 volunteers will be at host family home stay or guest house settings. Housing for a group of 10 to 50 volunteers will be at a guest house or college dormitory settings. Housing for a group of more than 50 volunteers will be at guest house, university hostels or high school dormitories.

The volunteer work projects takes place in the Greater-Accra, Eastern, Central, Ashanti and the Western Regions of Ghana and not more than 200 miles from Accra. Volunteers should be 18 to 70 years of age. Children at the age of 17 and below who wish to volunteer should have permission from their parents to do so or be accompanied by one or both of their parents or an adult guardian. Volunteers can bring along with them their children who are above the age of 2 although the children will not necessarily volunteer due to their age level or lack of interest. The participation fee of children at the age of 16 and below accompanying their parents or guardians to the program is 50 percent less of that of an adult.

Tourism Option

Opportunities for tourism abound in Ghana. Cultural tours, historic tours, educational tours, nature tours and religious tours abound in Ghana. Volunteer tourism is ideal for you if you are a part of a university, alumni, religious, fraternal, family, friends or a community service group. Volunteers who wish to combine their volunteering experience with tourism can do so on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. For more information click here

Participation Fee

The participation fee covers meals, accommodation, airport welcome, in-country orientation upon arrival, 24 hour x 7 days a week staff support. The participation fee does not cover airfare, visa fee, vaccination, souvenirs and inland transportation.

The method of payment of the participation fee is by bank transfer wiring before or after your arrival in Ghana. It is also payable in cash after your arrival in Ghana. It is payable in US Dollars (USD), Ghana Cedis, Euros or British Pounds equivalent. The participation fee of each participant is as follows:

(a) USD 195 for 1 week

(b) USD 295 for 2 weeks

(c) USD 395 for 3 weeks

(d) USD 495 for 4 weeks

(e) USD 50 for each additional week

Registration and Placement Details

Please complete the registration form and send it to us by email or by other means and you will hear from us shortly with details concerning your participation. To complete and send this form by email, just copy the form and past it into your email compose, complete the questions in the form and then send it to us. Please do not send the registration form by attachment. You can send your CV by attachment if you wish. Please call us if you complete the registration form and not hear from us within a period of three working days. Click here for a registration form.


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