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Travel in Ghana

Opportunities for tourism abound in Ghana. The travel in Ghana program is designed for groups of friends who wish to participate in our volunteer programs in Ghana and also engage in group leisure travel and tourism to most of the major tourist attractions in the country. The program is ideal for groups of students on a limited budget, offering them a socially responsible travels and an alternative to mass tourism.

Major tourist attractions in the Central, Eastern, Ashanti, Volta, Western and the Greater Accra Region of Ghana will be covered including the slave dungeons and the colonial castles at Cape Coast and Elmina, canopy walkway over the tropical rain forest of Kakum National Park, historic military museum at Kumasi, Kente craft village of Bonyere, West Africa's biggest tree at Akim-Oda, Tafi-Atome monkey Sanctuary, Wli Waterfall, Boti Waterfalls, Aburi Gardens, the Tetteh Quarshie Cocoa farm, white sand beach at Gomoa-Fette.

Every person in the group will share room with 1 to 2 other persons of the group of the same sex in large rooms in hotels when touring and with host families when volunteering. Participants of more than 8 persons may stay with different host families in a same area or suburb of a distance ranging from 100 to 700 meters apart and each of the host families may not host more than 8 volunteers at a time.

The tours will occur on each and every Saturday and Sunday throughout their period in Ghana. The group should come from the same country and arrive in Ghana on the same date. The group should be made up of at least 8 persons in number. The travels and tours are free of charge to the participants. Comfortable transportation, professional tour guide assistance, meals, accommodation, tour site tolls and accommodation will be provided during the tours at no charge.

Interested groups should contact Volunteer in Africa. Contact information can be found on the Volunteer in Ghana page.

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